• Executive Coaching & SWOT Analysis
  • Global Business Development and Company Evangelist
  • Technical consulting in Data Storage, Acoustics, Vibration Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance.
  • Evaluation (due-diligence) of Pre- IPO start-up and early stage companies; completed 42 evaluations with about 20% success rate
  • Assisting clients to establish Centers for Excellence for Entrepreneurs and emerging technologies along the lines of those in Silicon Valley
  • International consulting: linking foreign countries (via trade commissioners or enterprise development units) with US high tech and bio-tech companies; done it for India , Costa Rica , Norway and Portugal
  • Seminars and clinics on “Silicon Valley Culture Transfer” to enable other regions in the world aspiring to duplicate and nurture entrepreneurial activity similar to Silicon Valley ; done it for Singapore , Malaysia , Portugal, Mexico and Korea
  • Coaching and advising start-up CEO’s and management team via one-on-one interviews and 2 day retreat format on SWOT analysis and fine-tuning their mission, vision, objectives, goals for marketing and corporate strategies; done it for several Silicon Valley companies and for two turn-around cases.
  • Bio-tech and bio engineering companies being introduced to other regions of the world; such as for Bio-Valley in Malaysia and Bio Park in Indonesia
  • Technical consulting in noise & vibration, control, diagnostics, acoustic microscopy, predictive maintenance and parametric characterization of semiconductor equipment and IC circuits and complete computer systems; completed numerous projects for Applied Materials, Solectron, NASA-Ames, Electric Power Research Institute, IBM, US Navy and Army and NATO command.